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NUKI - Smartlock Combo 2.0 (GEN 2)


NUKI - Smartlock Combo 2.0 (GEN 2)


Nuki Combo - Homekit - Alexa - Google Assistant 

    • Secure locking: with the help of the door sensor, the Smart Lock shows not only the status of the locking cylinder, but also whether your door is open or closed.
    • Comfort in everyday life - open and close your front door by simply wiping your smartphone (iOS & Android) or the smart watch.
    • Auto Unlock - The electronic door lock from Nuki automatically opens the door when you come home. Your smartphone remains easily in the case.
    • Easy installation - in less than 3 minutes the Smart Lock is mounted on your existing door lock - without drilling or screwing and can be removed completely without leaving any residue.
    • Apple Home Kit - Thanks to the integration in Apple Homekit, the Smart Lock can now be conveniently controlled with Siri, manage and integrate it into scenes via the Apple Home app.
    • LOCK'N'GO - Nuki automatically locks your door behind you when you leave the house. This means you never have to worry about whether your door is properly locked.
    • Keep the overview - Thanks to Nuki and your smartphone, you always know who is at home, whether your front door is locked and who locked it and when.

Knob cylinder adapter (Inclusive)
  • Thanks to the redesigned key adapter, the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 is also compatible with standard knob cylinders. If you have a knob cylinder on the inside of your door, no problem: When ordering your new Smart Lock in the shop, simply select the option “I have a knob cylinder on the inside of the door and would like to order an adapter set free of charge” and you will also receive a free adapter.

    The supplied adapter set includes 5 different knob cylinder adapters. Simply identify the type of knob cylinder that you have on your door and then use the following matrix to decide which is the right adapter.

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