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Z-wave - Aeotec LED Bulb


Z-wave - Aeotec LED Bulb


Aeon LED Bulb offers a smarter, better and connected solution for controlling your home's lighting based on the ambience of the room, time of the day, or simply your mood. The Z-Wave connected LED bulb can emit 16 million different perfect shades of light-- from warm and day lights to cool and natural whites, the smart bulb has been designed to light up your day.

The smart LED Bulb also comes with powerful dimming capabilities, allowing you to swiftly increase the brightness, based on your personal preferences. The Z-Wave powered bulb also connects seamlessly to your home automation system's Z-Wave gateway device, and lets you automate and schedule lighting from anywhere in the world.

Aeon LED bulb is also energy efficient, consuming only 9 watts at maximum brightness, but emitting brightness equivalent to a 70W bulb. Aeon promises a superior life of 50000 hours-- which means at eight hours a day, it can last for nearly 45 years. To provide extensibility, the bulb comes with an superior Z-Wave range connectivity of 150 metres, allowing the bulb to be plugged indoor or outdoors.

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