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Wi-Fi - IOTTY - 2 Gang Smart on/off Switch - White/Black (E2)


Wi-Fi - IOTTY - 2 Gang Smart on/off Switch - White/Black (E2)


IOTTY - 2 Gang Smart WIFI on/off Switch - DESIGNED IN ITALY

  • APP CONTROL- Control switches via IOS/Android App
  • BACKLIGHT LED HALO GLOW- Set the Intensity of Backlight Glow to easily find your switches in the dark
  • VOICE ENABLED - Use Alexa or Google Assistant to voice control your switches, making it even easier to activate your lights
  • ADAPTS TO OUTDOOR BRIGHTNESS- iotty can turn your lights on/off at sunrise and sunset, and during specific weather conditions
  • Requires Neutral Cable
    IOTTY Features
    A piggy bank, because you can save money with iotty smart switch WiFi.

    ENERGY CONSUMPTION MONITORING - To keep energy consumption under control.

    a bell icon: activate the notification to know when your iotty wifi switch goes on

    ACTIVITY NOTIFICATIONS - You can receive a notification when a light turns on and/or off.

    a pin of geolocation

    GEOFENCING - Switch on iotty when you enter a specific geographical area.

    a share icon, share your lights with other users

    SHARE WITH OTHER USERS - Choose to share selected gang(s) with any other user.

    a sun and a moon because iotty can switch on based on the sun movements

    SUN - Switch on iotty at sunrise or at sunset.

    BACKLIGHT - Program iotty backlight to turn on or change its brightness.

    a weather icon: syncronize your wifi switches to the weather

    WEATHER - Turn on iotty based on weather conditions.

    infinite iotty switches on the same light via WiFi.

    MULTI-WAY  - Use Wi-Fi to create multi-way switching.

    a time icon, you can switch on iotty smart switch at determined hours

    TIME - Switch on iotty at a specific time.

    GARAGE DOOR - Make your garage door smart by connecting it to iotty.

    a hand switch on one iotty, this can trigger another iotty to switch on or off

    ACTIVITY DEPENDENT - Use Wi-Fi to create a central button to control them all.

    wifi icon: if you have an android you can switch on iotty once your smartphone connects to a certain wifi

    WI-FI - Turn on iotty when your smartphone connects to a specific Wi-Fi.  *Available only for Android

    an airplane icon for the away mode action: make your house looked lived-in while you are not at home

    AWAY MODE - Turn on IOTTY randomly so it’ll seem like you’re at home.

    SCENE - Send multiple commands with just one tap.

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