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Z-wave - NodOn Soft Remote (White)


Z-wave - NodOn Soft Remote (White)


NodOn Soft Remote

This battery-powered switch is packed with features while being simple to install and program. It is housed in a rubbery enclosure that is spill and shock resistant, safe and perfect for use as a convenient switch in the toilet. Furthermore, the rear portion of the Soft Remote has an embedded magnet for ease of mounting on ferromagnetic surfaces (i.e. metal cabinets/shelves and fridges). It also has a nice tactile feedback whenever any of its buttons are pressed. It can be implemented as a Primary Controller or a Secondary Controller and is able control many different types of Z-Wave devices such as On/Off actuators, sensors (arming/dis-arming), curtain/blinds motor controllers and infrared blasters. When used as a Secondary Controller together with a Gateway (such as HCL or HC2) it can be used to trigger the Gateway’s scenes or another Z-Wave device within the network directly through Z-Wave association.

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