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Aeris Lite - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

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Aeris Lite - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

7 Sensors: PM2.5, PM10, CH20, CO2 , TVOC, Temperature & Humidity

Wi-Fi: 2.4ghz (only)
Bluetooth for on boarding and configuration
Colour Visual indicator/alerts
Free mobile app for iOS and Android (Aeris LIte)
Mobile notifications by App Push
Client Dashboard
Selected MQTT Api's
Supports wall or ceiling mount (mount not included)

Sensor Range Resolution Accuracy

Sensor   Range  Resolution Accuracy
Temperature -40°C - 100°C  0.1°C ±1°C 
Humidity 0% - 100% 0.10% ±3%
CO2 400ppm - 5000 ppm 1ppm ±3%
PM2.5 0µg/m3 - 1000µg/m3 1µg/m3 ±10%
PM10 0µg/m3 - 1000µg/m3 1µg/m3 ±10%
TVOC  0µg/m3 - 5000µg/m3 1µg/m3 ± 25%
CH2O  0µg/m3 - 2000µg/m3 1µg/m3 ± 10%

Operating conditions

Temperature: 0°C - 50°C
Humidity: Non-condensing ≤95% RH
Warm-up time: 2 minutes
Settling time: 7 days