Flic 2 Starter Kit (4 buttons)

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Flic 2 Starter Kit (comes with 4 buttons)

  • IMDA Approved
  • The Flic 2 Smart Button Starter Kit includes the new Flic Hub that lets anyone in your home control devices that would normally need multiple apps or remotes to use
  • Improved tactile click feel
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity
  • Featherlight and small footprint Sticks to any surface Hub connects up to 64 Flic buttons simultaneously
  • The smallest and fastest button for Apple HomeKit. The only available button that can trigger Amazon Alexa commands with a push. The New Generation of smart buttons is here
  • It is easy and convenient to send a command with the Flic 2 Smart Button. It features three triggers for endless combinations – push, double push or hold. You can add multiple actions for each input trigger
  • Flic 2 Smart Button Starter Kit Includes 4 Flic 2, 1 Flic Hub LR, 1 Power adapter, 1 USB cable, cable and 9 Icon stickers
  • Flic 2 and the Flic Hub LR have been redesigned from the ground up to take Smart Buttons into the future. Future-proof components with Bluetooth 5.0 Long Range, improved stability and battery life are just some of the new features of Flic 2
  • The Flic 2 also comes with a replaceable battery with up to 3 years of battery life