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Robo Boy - Companion Doll

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Robo Boy Companion Doll

Functions - different reactions in responding to stimulus

There are sensory touch sensors on different parts of the doll's body, and the following actions can be used to stimulate differently with the companion doll and obtain related interactive effects.

Stimulus Responses: Touching one side of the cheek (2)

Make smiling sound: Touching both arms simultaneously (4)

Make baby sound: Tickling the belly (5)

Laugh: Touching one side of the upper arm and belly (4,5)

Play the recording: When no one is interacting with the doll

Blink: Feeding milk (3) - Make “drinking”sound 

Patting on the back after feeding milk -Make “burping” sound

Lying flat - Make “snoring”sound


Users may record and save a voice recording which is not more than 2 minutes.

1. Turn the switch to the bottom labelled as “REC”. The doll will play the latest recording.
2. Long-press the white circle button until the “beep-beep” sound is heard.
3. Start recording towards the mic at the belly. Press the white button to finish recording.
4. Turn the switch to “PLAY”. Play the recording by putting one hand on the upper arm of the doll and another hand on the opposite-sided cheek simultaneously.


Technical Specifications

Size: 250mm x 420mm x 110mm (W x H x L) Weight (with AA battery)1.21-1.25 kg

Fabric: Cotton (Hat, Trousers) ; Polyester (Top)

Sound Output: 40mm diameter speaker (built-in) Maximum Sound Output at a Distance of 300 mm (default)<80 dB Record Sound Output 150 dB

Battery Type: 4 alkaline 2A batteries Voltage 4.5V – 6V (1.5V x4)